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fiber-optics-adapter.jpg CONEC supplies the corresponding adapter for the precise connection of the fiber optic connector in a simplex and duplex construction. We offer precision casings in phosphor bronze or ceramic finishes according to the respective requirements or connector configuration. It is not unlikely that different systems/connectors will be installed at the end of the transmission network. In order to avoid having to install any new connectors here, the hybrid adapters supplied by CONEC can provide a solution.

  1. SC-Simplex Adapters
  2. SC-Duplex Adapters
  3. FC-Simplex Adapters
  4. ST-Simplex Adapters
  5. LC-Duplex Adapters
  6. LC-Duplex Adapters with Shutter
  7. SC-Duplex Shutter
  8. FC/ST-Simplex Hybrid Metal Adapters
  9. FC/ST-Duplex Hybrid Metal Adapters
  10. SC/FC-Simplex Hybrid Adapters
  11. SC/ST-Simplex Hybrid Adapters
  12. SC/ST-Duplex Hybrid Adapters
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