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file_38.jpg The installation costs and time spent are drastically reduced through the use of circular M12 connectors with integral wires. The choice of material and the construction of the connector enable it to be used in a dirty and damp industrial environment. Innovative connection technology fulfilling the requirements of protection class IP67. It comes in a standard programm with overmoulded versions – naturally with anti vibration locking in various cable lenghts and quality. Components with 2 or 3 LEDs indicate operating voltage and/or the switching status. When it gets really tough: Shielded connectors from CONEC protect and bypass weak signals. A uniform cable shielding ensures seamless signal transmision.

  1. Female connector, axial
  2. Male connector, axial
  3. Female connector, angled
  4. Male connector, angled
  5. Female connector, angled with LED
  6. Female connector, axial with 360°-shielding
  7. Male connector, axial with 360°-shielding
  8. Female connector, angled with 360°-shielding
  9. Male connector, angled with 360°-shielding
  10. Connecting cables
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